Tuesday, September 25, 2018  
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Sales and Marketing

I have developed sales processes for companies that allow them to measure what is happening and brings activities that create sales success out in to the open.

Being able to look at the sales funnel, have clear understanding by all that are involved and be able to turn up the appropriate activity is critical for sales success. Whether it is the implementation of a database system, increase focus on a specific marketing objective or simply train team members on what to do in their part of the process I have engineered programs for many industries and programs.

I have also engaged strategic partners to enable results to occur. Examples are below.

Passage Events
Passage events provides unmatched event marketing services that allow advertisers to activate new customers in self-selected events. Passage maintains a large database of events that occur through out the year across the country that advertisers can present their messages in.   
All the event teams are hired staff that maintain a high quality image for the advertisers. This is unusual in the industry. The company also maintains a world class discipline with regard to event reporting so that results as available quickly and so that changes can be made while an event is going on if the need arises.   
The company tests and targets rigorously so that marketing budgets are invested wisely.

Salesforce.com -  www.salesforce.com

As industry leader in sales force automation and CRM, Salesforce has been a critical implementation tool.

I have moved selling processes onto the Salesforce platform and customized activity and tracking systems to serve sales teams and sales management.

Go Mobile Advertising www.gomobileadvertising.com
Go Mobile maintains a fleet of state of the art mobile billboard vehicles. They are routed with GPS technology and the bilboards themselves are scrolled using a computer controlled system. These two factors allow advertiser's messages to be displayed very effectivelly. This is the new age of outdoor advertising.   
The company founders are advertising veterans with deep expertise in mass media advertising.   
The company is currently expanding with direct investment and through a franchise system that is being developed.
FathomSEO - www.fathomseo.com
Fathom employs a 50 person team that attacks SEO tasks with a vengance. They also administer Pay Per Click Campaigns for many clients. Particularly attractive is their tiered pricing model that makes it easy to buy from them - just decide the package of services and off you go.
The senior Fathom team speaks regularly at Direct Marketing and Web Technology events and maintains a leadership position in the industry.