Tuesday, September 25, 2018  
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William F. Cody, Jr.

Welcome - William F. Cody, Jr. is my name and yes I am related to Buffalo Bill Cody, a heritage that traces back to the 1600s. Pioneer or Renegade; I am not sure what traits may have filtered through the generations. I am a serial entrepreneur with over 35 years experience in a wide range of industries. I provide sales, marketing and operations consulting services to clients across the United States. Where it makes sense and where the economic opportunity is substantial I invest in ventures and apply these skills and experiences for mutual advantage. I rely on broad experience and the help of some carefully selected partners to deliver what I do.

I have recently partnered with an established company that manufacturers molded plastic and metal component parts domestically and in China. Its' customers include aerospace, industrial machinery, automotive, oil and gas and retail products companies. We are a manufacturing organization and NOT a broker or rep company. The principal advantage that the company provides is full access to and management of far eastern manufacturing programs, with all the requisite quality and process certifications, at demonstrably affordable cost. We share the direct financial risk of these transactions and maintain high integrity relationships by a boots-on-the-ground approach with every phase of the process. We have sales offices in Cleveland, OH and Detroit, MI and factories in China and Malaysia. We have a low-overhead business structure that allows us to be extremely competitive in most areas. Visit Manufactureparts.com for more information.

My company also publishes the leading magazine for twins called Twins Magazine - www.twinsmagazine.com. We acquired the enterprise in 2011 and we manage a small team of virtual contractors to create and circulate the publication to US and International subscribers. The magazine has been in continuous publication since 1984 and we are proud to continue its legacy. We have twins in our lives and thus have the opportunity to combine that passion with our own venture. We operate
and own two web sites - MyTwinLink.com and TwinsMagazine.com. MyTwinlink is a monthly subscription site focused on timely and private conversation and discovery for what we call the Twinsphere (tm). This means parents, twins, siblings, grandparents, caregivers, educators, doctors, and anyone else with twins in their lives. TwinsMagazine publishes a magazine, the oldest one in continuous publication since 1984, for twin parents and hosts a forum with over 1 million posts in it.

I deliberately make an example of these sites for, 1) promotion of the techniques and strategies that I teach in my consulting work and employ in business ventures, and 2) promotion of the virtual lifestyle that we embrace in the current economy.

Specialties: Business Plan Development and Implementation, Direct Response Marketing, Sales Management, Sales Process Design, Marketing and Business Development Deal Negotiation.

In addition to pairing my key partners with new clients on a fee for service basis, I also use performance based models. I have made a career of "having a skin in the game" with my clients and partners. This works well for strained budgets and is consistent with my focus on direct and measurable response. Companies should expect no less